Dave Butcher Photography


All my life I have loved to have a camera in my hand. When I was a kid I would go on vacation with my little 110 and Polaroid Cameras and burn through role after role of film. In collage I took a couple of photography courses and a Journalism course.

A couple years ago I came close to having a heart attack and when all was said and done my doctor told me that I needed to find something to get out and do that would help me to relax. One of the reasons for that was that my blood pressure was totally out of control and that if I didn't learn to relax I would be dead in a couple of years.

So I turned to what I enjoy....Photography. I love bird watching and street photography. I also love more than anything Fire Equipment, Firefighters, and Fire Ground Photography. This is what I do to relax. Every weekend no mater what I go out. I can be shooting with my iPhone or with my Cannon.